About us - Facilities Advisors Nevada

Facilities Advisors International serves the Nevada market from our national headquarters in North Las Vegas. We have been preparing reserve studies in Nevada for many years, and have performed reserve studies in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, Incline Village, Pahrump, Sparks, and other locations.

Gary Porter holds the RS designation from CAI and Nevada RSS permit # 186, and Pierre Del Rosario, PRA, holds the RS designation from CAI and RSS permit # 103.  Gary Porter also holds the FMP (Facilities Management Professional) designation from the International Facilities Management Association, and is a CPA.  As a former partner in a public adjusting company where he participated in adjusting insurance claims for homeowners associations, he also gained experience as a valuation (pricing) expert for replacement of association common areas.  He is the only reserve study practitioner in the country to hold credentials or have provable exerience in all three of the disciplines that comprise the reserve study process.

Benefits of selecting Facilities Advisors International for your reserve study:

  • Competitive fees
  • Responsiveness
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Internet-based software available to our clients

Competitive fees - We are able to provide competitive fees because of our extensive experience and dedication to using technology to make our services more efficient.  This also translates into time savings and the ability to keep fees competitive.  We are the only reserve study company to have developed software to electronically capture component data on site, which reduces the amount of time necessary to gather component data and translate that information into a reserve study report. 

"Scoping" the reserve study is perhaps the most important decision in the process, as it determines at what level of detail the reserve study should be prepared.  Hint - it should be prepared at the level at which money is expended by the association, as that is the ONLY way the reserve study can ever be correlated to your association financial statements.  We ask you questions and help tailor the reserve study to your unique association.  Our internet-based software, with a multi-dimensional database structure (hidden in the background) and capabilities for three category levels plus major and minor components, gives us the ability to provide data at the correct level, and still be able to "roll up" the data into concise reports.  

Responsiveness - We are responsive to your needs.  If you request changes to your report, we will make them.  After all, it is your report.

Easy-to-read reports - Our approach to reporting is unique in the industry.  We focus on telling you where you're at now, and showing you the 30-year plan to provide funding for your future expenditures.  We also provide any statutory and regulatory disclosures.  We give you the information you need to (1) prepare your budget, and (2) communicate summary in formation to your board of directors and members.

Internet-based software - At the end of the reporting process, we provide you with access to (and training) the same internet-based software we used to prepare your reserve study.  This allows you to keep your reserve plan up-to-date, and save money in the future by (1) proactively planning reserve projects, and (2) minimizing future reserve study costs based on your update of component information.

Call us today for a free proposal. (702) 605-2394 or (877) 304-6700.

You win with our unique approach to reserve studies; competitive fees, easy-to-read reports, a component structure tailored to YOUR association, and access to our internet-based software.  This is not just an Excel workbook, we give you access to the same software we use to perform your reserve study - the most powerful software in the industry, which has been tested by an independent CPA firm for accuracy of calculations.  We work WITH our clients to help you achieve the best outcome.